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PowerUP! 2020
Conference Reflections and TakeAways

As we roamed the halls and met many of you, we heard things like “My life is forever changed” and how affiliate delegations will apply a new approach to leading their organization and grantmaking. 

In the final session, Bringing It Home with Kitti Lile and Dr. Beverly Edgehill, attendees were asked to identify the beliefs, perceptions and understanding we arrived with and how they changed as a result of our time together. What bridges did you build? What will you do differently? How will you respond, not react, now that you have new information? Dismantling systemic racism and injustice starts with changing individual behavior, which will, in turn, unlock the true power of our collective philanthropy and leadership.

Read what attendees and speakers had to say after the conference, including suggestions on how to bring it home!

Here is what some attendees have said about the PowerUP! 2020 

“I am so impressed with the caliber of what the conference provided, and the bar has forever been raised.”

“The app was really fun and effective.”

“The Conference deftly tackled challenging issues around equity and inclusion and also provided "basics" to affiliates seeking (information).

“I thought the ‘narrative arc’ from beginning to end, with the plenaries building a story and becoming increasingly challenging, was good.

“Each speaker was radically candid - it was amazing!”

“Appreciated the conversation that took place after each presentation and the speakers - especially those of color who we need to hear from!”

“As a solo attendee, having the pre-reading helped me to choose the best sessions for my giving circle. It is nice having the power point slides on the APP too! There was a LOT of important information in every session!!!”

“This may be the best conference of any kind that I have ever attended. It was stimulating and fascinating! The speakers were all terrific!”

Our speakers were also impressed by the engagement in their sessions and were delighted to make connections with attendees:

“It was such a great group and I could feel the energy around change in the room.”

“It was such an impressive gathering of intentional and mindful women change makers--and those themes were reflected in the quality of the keynote speakers and breakout sessions you all organized.”

“I have received a number of positive follow up emails and inquiries about continuing the conversation that was started in our session. It is clear that Philanos is creating important space for philanthropists to think creatively about how to adapt in this dynamic environment.”

If you are still grappling with your reflections, here are some commitments others shared:

Consider different ways of reaching out to our community and staying in dialogue with community orgs before applications are due

Begin the real board work for a meaningful DEI journey

Change ourselves first

Create DEI intention statement/declaration

Embrace unrestricted multi-year funding and grant more unrestricted funds

Explore power-sharing during the grants review process with neighborhood groups/non-members

Review boards and staff of grantees with a DEI lens

Provide ongoing opportunities for all committee leaders to examine implicit bias, inclusion, "how we do things."

Work on anti-racist actions, personally and as a group

Learn more about 501c4 status and don't be afraid of being "political"

Keep more in touch with other Philanos member groups

Engage the entire Board in their own DEI journey

Make adjustments to culture and policies to be more inclusive

Understand systemic change is required and we must work for it

Talk internally about how to be more active advocates for change to help those most marginalized

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