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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership        Dues 

1. What are the benefits to affiliates?

Inspiration, tools, access to a brain trust of peers, and much, much more– read all about the benefits here!

2. Who in my organization can take advantage of membership in Philanos?

Every one of your members can take advantage of Philanos' programs and “affiliate pricing”. Your organization's membership is referred to as a "bundle".  "Bundle Members" are committee members and chairs, leadership, rising leaders and any current members wishing to engage with the network and collective giving on the national level. The bundle includes one primary contact or "Bundle Coordinator". 

3. Can we join as we are starting up our new collective giving organization?

Yes, we offer an Emerging Membership for organizations just forming. Read more about it here.

4. Can I join Philanos as an individual?

No, membership is only available to collective giving organizations. But individuals are welcome at all our conferences. We offer a non-member rate to individuals who are not a member of a Philanos affiliate.

5. Does Philanos make grants?

No. If you are a grant seeker, please refer to the websites of each of our affiliates. Each organization sets their own criteria and funding cycles.

6. How can I become a presenter for a webinar, conference or offer pertinent resources?

If you have content Philanos might like to share with members, please contact us. Make sure to provide how your expertise or information is relevant to our mission to support the creation, development and expansion of women’s collective giving.

Dues FAQs

1. What is the Philanos dues policy?

Dues must be paid in full by your renewal due date. The Philanos Treasurer may grant a 3-month extension. Requests for extensions must be made by email to our Treasurer at least 30 days prior to your renewal due date.  Member organizations should plan to pay dues annually based on your initial join date.

2. When are dues for returning member organizations renewed?

Dues renewal annually based on your organizations join date.  Dues invoices are emailed about 6 weeks prior to your renewal due date. The Philanos fiscal year is July 1-June 30. Instructions for renewals are here.

3. How much does my organization pay if we join as a new member mid-year?  

Effective 9-15-2020, Philanos has switched from a June 15 renewal date to an anniversary renewal date.

Current affiliates will continue to have a renewal due date of June 15.  New members will pay dues annually based on their join date.

4. Can I pay dues by credit card or by check?

Dues payments can be made online, your invoice contains a secure link to pay via credit/debit card.  This invoice can also be forwarded, as anyone with the link is able to securely pay online.  We also accept Zelle payments to  and  checks payable to Philanos should be mailed to the address listed on your invoice. Questions, ask our admin.

5. Are dues tax deductible? 

If an individual pays dues on behalf of her organization, then the dues can be considered a donation and are eligible for a tax deduction to the extent of IRS guidelines. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $250 or more per IRS guidelines.

6. Can matching funds be applied toward dues? 

Matching funds will not be considered as a contribution toward dues. However, dues paid by an individual may be matched by an employer and the match will be considered as an unrestricted operating donation to Philanos. Donations toward operating costs are greatly appreciated! Contact us if you need information for your company's matching form. 

7. What do membership dues pay for?

Dues pay for Philanos' modest operating expenses, such as website and communications fees, webinars, and conference support. 

8. Are dues the only revenue for Philanos?

In addition to Affiliate dues, we annually pursue additional revenue through corporate sponsorships and many companies have generously supported conferences.  Our board members make annual gifts and we gratefully accept donations.

9. What is Philanos' budget?

Philanos has a modest budget which is larger in conference years. Our Board of Directors operates as both a working board and a governance board and organizational operations are supported entirely by their volunteer efforts and one part-time administrator.

10. If a host organization, like a community foundation, has more than one giving group in its portfolio, can they pay for one Philanos membership and include all of their collective giving groups?

No, while a community foundation, or other fiscal sponsor or host, may have paid for an organization's Philanos membership, this dues payment funds only one group. The membership belongs to the organization which is identified in the applicant's profile at the onset, not the payee, and there is no option to add a second group.  

If additional groups affiliated with this host want to join Philanos, we would be happy to talk to them about membership.  

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