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3 Questions With The Baltimore Women's Giving Circle

Friday, December 03, 2021 9:51 AM | Nancy Clark (Administrator)

Martha Cukor and Susan Perl
The Baltimore Women's Giving Circle 

Through collective giving and collaboration, BWGC seeks to empower women and their families in the greater Baltimore area to achieve self-sufficiency.

We recently spoke to Martha and Susan and invited their thoughts on their current efforts!

What’s the most interesting effort your circle is focusing on right now?

This is very hard to answer because we have so many things going on simultaneously.  Because we have to name only one project, it would be the real effort the Membership Committee is making to learn from other Giving Circles and other organizations how to attract younger members.  The committee has come up with lots of ideas, some seemingly obvious directions in which to go, others which will take more serious discussion and investigation. This is an endeavor in which we must succeed, or we will not exist in the future.

What is something your circle is currently challenged by?

As with many giving circles and organizations across the country, the BWGC has been investigating issues around racial diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The circle and the committee are challenged by how best to proceed and has tried to learn from other organizations.  Start with a small group and then include the rest of the circle?  Come to conclusions in the committee and present ideas for a vote, or include the entire circle in the full process?  What does education look like for the circle?  These are just some of the challenges.

What Philanos resource has been most helpful to you this year, and why?

The webinars are the most helpful to the Circle Co-Chairs, while at least one affinity group is helpful to a committee, with more expected in the near future.

Side note: We at the BWGC find Philanos tremendously helpful for our work, and we thank you for all you do.

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