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Conference Breakout Sessions Schedule
Catalist National Conference Feb 23-25, 2020
Seattle, WA at Motif Hotel

Conference Breakout Schedule

Below is the tentative schedule for our breakout sessions.  The four tracks are color coded to make it easier to follow topics in a specific track.  Check back, we will post a printable version prior to the conference for those who would like a printed copy.

Session descriptions can be found on the Breakout Sessions webpage.


Monday Breakout Session A  9:15 - 10:30 AM

Blueprint for Impact: Dismantling Structural Inequities 

Kris Hermanns, Seattle Foundation and Roxana Norouzi, OneAmerica

Striking A Balance: Power Sharing & Building Equitable Partnerships with Grantees 

Bao-Tram Do, Seattle Foundation, Aviva Stampfer, Washington Women's Foundation and Talley Baratka + Carol Anne Lajoie, Impact 100 Richmond

Telling Your Story: Traditional Media Matters! 

Diane Perlmutter, Greenville Women Giving and Janet Sumner, Greenville Women Giving

Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Honest Dialogue and Guided Discussion 

Beth McCaw, Washington Women's Foundation, Ellan Bernstein, Impact100 Philadelphia, Gwendolyn Wesley, Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund and Clare O'Brien, Impact 100 Cincinnati

Monday Breakout Session B 10:45 AM - NOON

Investing On the Edge: Taking Risk in Philanthropic Giving

Richard Woo, The Russell Family Foundation

The Dynamics of Assessment: Funder, Partner, Coach 

Sandy Cook, Impact100 Metro Denver, Peggy Schiffers, Women's Giving Alliance of NE Florida and Jenny Berg, Impact 100 Cincinnati

PowerUP! & Expand Your Reach: Harness the Power of Social Media 

Aki Shibuya, Washington Women's Foundation and Ellen Ragone, Impact100 South Jersey

The Intersection of Race, Gender and Philanthropy: Findings From the Field and How They Relate to You 

Elizabeth Dale, PhD, Seattle University and Hali Lee, Donors of Color Network

Monday Breakout Session C  2:15 - 3:30 PM

Embracing Change in Collective Giving: Stories from Austin and Philadelphia 

Susan Palombo, Impact Austin and Mary Broach, Impact100 Philadelphia

Daring to Be Different: Increasing Equity and Reducing Disparities in Philanthropy 

Christine Atkins , Washington Women's Foundation and Lindsay Hill, Raikes Foundation

Growing Younger: Strategies for Making Membership More Age-Inclusive 

Tammy Wilhoite, ninety-nine girlfriends, Vianette Contreras, Impact100 Sonoma and Tatiana Joyce, The Philanthropy Connection

Let's Keep Talking... and Learning: A Post-Plenary Discussion Centering on the Remarks of Ijeoma Oluo 

Morgan Dawson, Washington Women's Foundation and Marsh Morgan, Community Investment Network

Monday Breakout Session D  3:45 - 5:00 PM

A Conversation: Women Donors of Color

Stephanie Ellis-Smith, Phila Engaged Giving and Hali Lee, Donors of Color Network

The Varied Facets of Catalist Grantmaking

Susan Benford, The Philanthropy Connection, Patti Zebrowski, Wood River Women's Foundation, Lisa Miller, Women's Impact Fund, and JoAnn Sanditz, Spirit of St. Louis Women's Fund

Create a More Diverse Membership and an Inclusive Organization

Deepika Andavarapu AICP, PhD, Impact 100 Cincinnati and Michelle Hynes, ninety-nine girlfriends

From Safe to Brave: Courageous Conversations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee, Seattle Girls' School

Tuesday Breakout Session E  9:30 - 10:45 AM

Achieving Community Impact Through Strategic Collaborations

Christina Gorcyznski, Impact Austin and Linda Simmons, Women's Giving Alliance of NE Florida

Breaking the Grantmaking Mold 

Kim Fry, Impact Giving, Lauren Chianese, 100 Women Strong at Central Florida Foundation

Employing Strategic Planning As A Power Tool 

Terri Bullock, Wood River Women's Foundation, Katie Sawyer, San Diego Women's Foundation and Deborah Edward, ninety-nine girlfriends

Real Talk from a Non-Profit Leader: A New Age for Building Trust, Community and Power-Sharing 

Colby Swettberg, Silver Lining Mentoring

Tuesday Bringing It Home Sessions  11:00 - 12:15 PM

Diving Into the Wreck – What to Salvage & Scrap for a New Era of Philanthropy*
Vu Le and Pia Infante

*One person per affiliate will be able to attend

Bringing It Home - A Guided Conference Wrap Up
Kitti Lile and Dr. Beverly Edgehill

Put it all together at this specially designed wrap up session led by expert facilitators. Attendees will affirm and celebrate the courage required to challenge perceptions and assumptions when advancing the agenda of equity and inclusion in philanthropy.  They will deepen their personal awareness of the contributions they each make to this work, and build a narrative for a solid bridge from the conference to our individual and community-based lives.

Tuesday Catalist Announcements 12:15 - 12:30 PM


Thank you to the breakout committee co-chairs, Marion DeForest (Washington Women’s Fdn, Seattle) and Susan Benford (The Philanthropy Connection, Boston), who led this fabulous national team.

Grantmaking: Kris Kaminishi (WaWF) and Vivian Manekin (Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle)

Education: Kit Bakke (WaWF) and Lauren Paver (Impact Austin)

Membership + Communications: Michelle Hynes (ninety-nine girlfriends), Sharon Hammel (WaWF) and Sarah Carroll (Impact100 Sonoma) 

Leadership + Innovation: Clare O’Brien (Impact100 Cincinnati), Susan Barley (WaWF) and Cedra DuFlon-Heide (WaWF)

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