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Emerging Membership 

“Emerging Membership” is offered to newly formed organizations or founders who are in the development or incubation stage of creating a collective giving organization.  

An Emerging Member is not required to meet all Philanos' “Affiliate” membership criteria, as outline on the Join page, but must demonstrate the intention to meet all of those criteria within 12 months. 

Like Affiliate Members, the Emerging Members must pay $200 dues and are expected to participate and share in peer-to-peer mentoring; benefits of membership include membership discounts for conference registration and publication purchases and member access to the website and all programs for 12 months. 

At the end of the 12-month period, the Emerging Member must either meet all of the Affiliate Membership criteria or cease membership. All categories of Philanos memberships can begin at any time, but will not be prorated and will renew by June 15. If the 12-month membership is up mid-year, prorated dues will not be refunded however, any dues paid towards the Emerging Membership will be applied to the full Affiliate level membership at the time of conversion. 

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