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Affiliate Network Partners

We welcome collective giving networks of all structures dedicated to the collective giving model. Membership details can be found here.

Meet our affiliate network members.

Community Investment Network is a national network of giving circles. CIN understands the importance of guiding African Americans and people of color to the supply side of philanthropy and to be the first investors in their communities. The activities of a giving circle include grant making, advocacy and public education as complementary ways to demystify philanthropy by making it accessible and more democratic to everyday people. Visit us online!

Philanthropy Together is a new global initiative, co-created by hundreds of giving circle and network leaders, to scale and strengthen the collective giving movement to become more than 3,000 giving circles in the next five years. Our mission is to democratize and diversify philanthropy through the power of giving circles. Collective giving has exploded in popularity, growing to more than 2,000 circles with over 150,000 people joining in over the last two decades. We aim to showcase this model of collective giving, scale the number of circles and the number of people involved, and strengthen and sustain the work of existing giving circles and associated networks. Learn more and connect with us online!

Texas Women's Foundation is transforming Texas for women and girls by advancing their economic security and leadership through research, advocacy, grants and programs. We work to achieve our vision of an equitable society where women and girls are full participants. We are one of the largest women’s funds in the world with assets over $36 million. We have deployed 100% of our assets – endowments, operating investments and donor-advised funds – in a gendered impact portfolio that yields strong financial returns and measurable social benefits to women and girls. Visit us online!

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