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Philanos’ mission is to inspire women’s philanthropic leadership and to equip and strengthen collective giving organizations through education and collaboration that promoteinformed, impactful grant making in communities. 


Communities with women’s collective giving organizations are healthier, safer, more equitable, and thriving.


Philanos believes that organizations that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) create environments that respect and value individual differences. Inclusive organizations foster cultures that minimize bias and make decisions better able to address systemic inequities. We are committed to equity, diversity, collaboration, inclusiveness, transparency, and accountability.


Collective giving organizations combine their participants’ intellectual and financial capital to make effective grants in their communities

Collective giving organizations expand and strengthen women’s leadership in the world, particularly in philanthropy.

Collective giving organizations are more effective when they can access the essential tools of collaboration, mentorship, and education.

OUR affiliates VALUE

  • high impact grants
  • developing women’s leadership,
  • diverse and inclusive membership,
  • educated and engaged members,
  • democratic decisions,
  • connection and collaboration among affiliates. 

Want to learn about the impact behind these photos? 
Read more about our Affiliates' fantastic grants to their nonprofits pictured above.  

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