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Philanos U - Summer Learning Series

Summer is here, and it's a great time to watch recent Philanos programs for our affiliates that we've covered this past year, including collective giving, women in philanthropy, communications, and grants.
Check out Philanos U and consider it your summering viewing and reading list!

Stay tuned as programs will be released weekly beginning July 11.

July 11, 2022 - Week #1 Philanos September 2021 Webinar 

Giving Circles Don't Stop: Creative Solutions to Growing Membership During the Pandemic  

September is the beginning of our program year and typically a good time to gear up for a new year, member retention and new member recruitment are consistently top of mind for our giving circle leaders.  This webinar featured two giving circles employing "tried and true" approaches to membership development as well as experimenting with new ideas to ensure that their organizations continue to thrive, post pandemic.

Featured Speakers:

Kelly Walsh, President, Impact 100 Metro Detroit, MI
Margo Cook, Asst. Chair, New Member Recruiting, Anne Arundel Women Giving Together, Annapolis, MD

  |  Listen

July 18, 2022 - Week #2 We Give Summit 2022 Network Block #1 

Financial Sustainability for Giving Circles: Building Viable Options Beyond Member Dues

Giving circles begin as peer-led groups with no or low operating overhead expenses. Once groups grow large or expand their operating structure, their financial needs require consistent funding sources and a plan for financial sustainability.  Learn how traditional resource development and alternative fundraising should integrate in your group’s financial planning, including how to assess the need for operating reserves

Featured Speakers:

Rebekah Bonde, Philanos Treasurer and member of Washington Women's Foundation
Clare O'Brien, Philanos Board and member of Impact100 Cincinnati, OH 
Moderator: Deborah Majewski, Philanos Board and member of Women's Impact Fund, NC 


July 25, 2022 - Week #3 November 2021 Webinar

Environmental Justice: The Journey to Action

Explore the interconnected relationship between DEI work and environmental action.  Our speakers shared their personal and organizational journeys to embracing environmental justice and how protecting the most vulnerable communities benefits us all.  Hear practical guidance and a curated resource list to help giving circles champion this critical, urgent work to safeguard all people and our shared planet.

Featured Speakers and Affiliates:

Kef Kasdin, Board Chair, Rachel’s Network and Rachel’s Action Network
Maria Kolby-Wolfe, President and CEO, Washington Women’s Foundation

Watch  |  Listen

August 2, 2022 - Week #4 We Give Summit 2022 Network Block #2

The Wisdom of Younger Members: How (and Why) Next-Gen Philanthropists are Changing Giving Circles

Older Americans will transfer some $70 trillion to the next generation by 2042. Already, many of these young women are active philanthropists in giving circles, leading them and offering input into what more giving circles can do, become, and fund. Learn how these women have changed the operations of circles and the circles themselves, and how circles can intentionally include these new, vital voices.

Featured Speakers and Affiliates:

Cassandra Trujillo, The Philanthropy Connection
Nia Daye, Impact10 Philadelphia 

Moderator Susan Benford, Philanos Chair and member of The Philanthropy Connection and Impact100 Philadelphia

August 8, 2022 - Week #5 January 2022 Webinar

The Value in Telling Your Story to your members, donors, community and nonprofit partners

Did you know that everyone in your giving circle has a role to play in marketing and communications? They do! 

Giving circle members are your best ambassadors and can play an important role in "telling your story" to support the growth and impact of your circle - to your members, prospective members, partners, grantees, media outlets, policymakers, and the broader community.

Learn about information and resources that can support your overall marketing and communications efforts regardless of the role that you play in growing your circle. 

Featured Speaker:

Ilyasah N. Shabazz
Director of Marketing and Communications
Philanthropy Together

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